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The Injun Application Server is an internet-ready, multi-threaded application server that allows easy integration of cgi style applications into the world wide web. Put simply Injun provides the the web front end for the application as well as all the necessary support services, leaving the application free to concentrate on its main purpose.
                                                    |             |
                        Client                      | Injun       |
                    +-------------+                 |   Server    |
                    |             |    Internet     |             |
                    | Web         | <=============> +-------------+
                    |   Browser   |    Intranet     |             |
                    |             |                 | Injun       |
                    +-------------+                 |   Modules   |
                                                    |             |

Injun's features !
The application server allows the number of threads, queues and outstanding requests to be configured. The server allows multiple ports and document roots (trees) to be configured as well as being self contained allowing for multiple servers to be running on the same machine and multiple appications within the same server.
Applications can be loaded and unloaded dynamically directly into (and out of) the server. The application server doesn't need to be shutdown ensuring 24 x 7 support.
Programmable The application server comes with a documentated API that allows new applications to be written, or existing cgi scripts to be ported.
Reliable The application server is based on tried and tested technology from the Washington Photo Server, an application that has been in commercial and public use for several years.
Stable Unix
Support for Solaris (sparc and intel) and Linux is provided (freeBSD is coming shortly) ensuring that the mission critical applications serve to their destination. First time, every time.

There are already several commercial grade modules, as well as test and example modules, which are available for downloading from this site.
PPP Statistics A real time monitoring application for the Open Source pppd package
UPSD A real time monitoring application for the APCC Smart UPS
Loggerhead A web based application for providing access to an Oracle 8i database
Example An example module (with source) that demonstrates the Injun API.
This can also be used to stress test the server.
Tim An example module (with source) that demonstrates the Injun API

Injun in the news !
27/10/2000 Injun version 1.0.2 (Solaris 2.8 support) released for public download and use
18/02/2000 Injun version 1.0.0 released for public download and use
20/10/1999 Injun released from beta test for commercial use
20/08/1999 Injun passes 336 cho (continuous hours operation) tests
01/08/1999 Injun version 0.5.5 goes into beta test

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last updated 27-October-2000